Home Concepts Magazine, September 1999

Tropical Garden Design

By Made Wijaya/Archipelago Press & Wijaya Words

THIS IS THE first retrospective written by landscape architect Made Wijaya (also known as Michael White), renowned for such projects as the Bali Hyatt , the Amandari, the Four Season’s Resort at Jimbaran and over 400 gardens in the tropical world. Taking the reader on a tour of the different garden traditions from Hawaiian style through to the various “ornamental oriental” looks, to the Modern Movement, Wijaya introduces readers to the various styles that have served as reference and muse to the development of his personal style.

A Jepun pedestal fountain from the Wijaya Classics Range of garden artifacts, amidst a loose collection of carved Balinese soapstone panels at Villa Bebek.

The book is divided into thematic sections that may be aptly summed up by the author’s description of his intentions. “This book will attempt to lead you down the garden path, as it were, past the shady terraces, mossy walls and statues, leafy water gardens, Bougainvillaea-strewn trellises glistering pools and well swept courtyards that make up the tropical garden world. While you walk, I hope that you will learn and soon know the joy of creating a garden in the tropics.

Made Wijaya's first garden in Bali, House "C" Batujimbar designed by architect Geoffrey Bawa

Thailand is home to a million water garden.

Glazed earthenware, carved stone & hardwood pots & urns decorate terrace and gardens throughout the tropics.

“Even in space-scarce Singapore where most people have to contend with a composition of potted plants to create a semblance of that green patch, readers will derive inspiration from the evocative text, accompanying sketches and photographs.

Bamboo and timber decks are a pleasand addition to any tropical house
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