STAR Property, 13 August 2012

Budget Boutique Style
Sanur - Bali

Text by Johnni Wong
Photography by Tim Street-Porter

The concept for the dining terrace includes a thatched structure without walls.

While successful designers of international fame often turn down “small projects” due to budget limitations, design guru Made Wijaya had no qualms helping a Balinese family in Sanur realise their dream of creating a boutique hotel.
Furthermore, the Bali-based Australian designer even got famed photographer Tim Street-Porter to snap the creative results, as can be seen here.

According to Made, the property is located at “the far, far eastern end of Sanur, in Mertasari”.
“It is on a mangrove beach next to Dalem Pengembak Temple,” says the designer in an e-mail.
“The entire property spans four hectares. It was the fish farm of the Royal Family of Abian Timbul for many decades.
“We were the architects and interior designers and landscape artists,” explains Made, referring to his team at PT. Wijaya Tribwana International.

A close-up of the mosaic floral motif of the shower area in a typical bathroom (left). The spacious bathroom
of an ensuite unit (right), comes with modern fittings.

The built-up space will only take up 20% of the land area, as the owners want to keep it low density, points out the designer, who is known for his romantice garden concepts for some of the most luxurious resorts and private gardens in South-East Asia, especially Bali.

A colonial lamp painted a striking red (left) adds an unconventional touch to the interior setting which includes a Javanese screen. A close-up of the mosaic floral motif of the shower area (right) in a typical bathroom.

“Originally,” adds Made, “There was a small budget hotel which we were taking to the level of ‘budget boutique’, meaning, cheap and cheerful, like all the pensioners on bikes who live and play in the Mertasari area.
“We added a beach cafe, now a Thai restaurant called Isona and run by a member of the Indochine group.”

When it came to the room concept, Made opted for “coastal colonial” with Balinese and Javanese decorative touches.

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